Premier Supplier to the Water, Sewage and Water Treatment Industries

Our company has a rich history with strong Saskatchewan roots. The company was incorporated as Wig’s Sandpoint Services Ltd. in 1968 by our founder Arnold Wig. From that time, through the 1970s, the company was very strong in the water well drilling business and operated 3 drilling rigs and crews out of Saskatoon.

In 1977 the focus of the company began a shift into material supply for the water, sewage and water treatment industry. Wig’s Sandpoint was very involved in the municipal infrastructure growth through this period of time, supplying and installing water and sewer mains along with pump stations and water treatment plants for many small towns, villages and municipalities across the Province of Saskatchewan.

In 1995 a name change came about to Wig’s Pumps and Waterworks Ltd. This was to show the shift in the company’s focus to being a premier supplier of materials relating to the water, sewage and water treatment industry.

Wig’s Pumps and Waterworks has one of the best pump and water treatment repair and test facilities in Saskatchewan. We also continue to service and repair these systems on site for many acreages and municipalities with two full-time outside service vehicles and specially trained technicians.

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Our focus is clear and simple:

To provide the highest level of customer service and satisfaction while providing leading edge products to the entire range of water, sewage and water treatment equipment consumers.